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Basic Study of MATLAB

AIM: Basic Study of Matlab.
MATLAB is software proposed for high performance numerical computation & visualization. It provides an introductive environment with hundreds of built in function for technical computation graphics & animation. It provided extensibility with its own high level performance programming language. Here MATLAB stands for ‘Matrix’ laboratory.
            MATLAB is built in function provide excellent tool for linear algebra computation analysis. Signal processing optimization diff calculation & many other types’ computation needs sometimes, it is called as computational language.
MATLAB includes:
i)        Test & measurement.
ii)      Data analysis & measurement.
iii)    Numerical & symbolic computation.
iv)    Plating on advanced visualization.
v)      Signal image processing & algorithm development.

How MATLAB is better than C & C++:
1)      It is high performance numerical computation language.
2)      It provides hundreds of built in function for various operation.
3)      Instead built in function we create over own function.
4)      Main function of C & C ++ & MATLAB is same but is easy to apply for mathematical functions.
5)      There are several tools boxes available in Matlab for special applications.
6)      It is easy to solve & learn problems of image processing, statistics neutral networks with MATLAB, C or C++ will need fig program to solve their problems.
7)      MATLAB provides classic facility of graphs for which we have to use just simple function.
8)      MATLAB provides inactive tool & simulation which is used for designing analysis & visualization in various applications.
MATLAB can serve as platform for all technical computing needs. It integrates itself as pawned technical language. Thus from above discussion it is clear than MATLAB is very easy language to learn & to use them C & C++.
Working with matrix & vectors:
Matrix is entered with nowise with consecutive elements of now separated by semicolon. Entire matrix should be enclosed with square brackets.
            A vector is special case of matrix with just one now of column. Scalar class not need square bracket with no elements than create null matrix. A matrix dimensions are determined automatically by Matlab with (m, n) =size (A). Assign no of rows & columns of A to variable M & n respectively.
            To enter Dürer's matrix, simply type in the Command Window
A = [16 3 2 13; 5 10 11 8; 9 6 7 12; 4 15 14 1]
MATLAB displays the matrix you just entered:
A =
    16     3     2    13
     5    10    11     8
     9     6     7      12
     4    15    14     1
MATLAB replies with
ans =
    34    34    34    34
ans =
    16     5     9     4
     3    10     6    15
     2    11     7    14
    13     8    12     1
produces a column vector containing the row sums
ans =
ans =
ans =
Initializing variables:
Arthematic Operations on Array & Matrix:
Some Inbuilt functions:

Various windows in Matlab:
Matlab consist of total 5 windows
1) Command window: Command window used for writing various in-built command and used for checking quick output. 

2) Workspace: Workspace shows you all variable values and answers.

3) Editor Window: This window used for writing various functions and application code. After writing code you have to save that code and using Run option  you just run that code.

4) Command History: Command history shows you previous commands that you entered in command window.

5) Current directory: This window shows you various files available in current folder. You can change your current directory by clicking on following option.

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