Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Basic Study of Graphical User Interface in MATLAB.

AIM: Study of Graphical User Interface in MATLAB.

Graphical user interface plays important role in today’s computer era. For user friendly operations we use graphical user interface. VB, .net these are some languages that we used for creating GUI. MATLAB provides us simple and user friendly graphical user interface tool named as ‘guide’.
1. For opening GUI tool simply type following command in command window.

>> guide

This command will open GUI toolbox.

Next step is to click on ‘Blank GUI (Default)’ and click on OK tab. This process will open another window with a lot of buttons and various menus. By using that buttons and menus user can create useful, effective GUI.  

2. Second step is as follows,

This fig file contains various options by using that options we can create effective GUI.
3. GUI creation is a simple process, but after creating GUI difficult step is linking of buttons and text boxes etc.
4. This window contains following tabs.
            1. Pushbutton             2. Radio Button         3. Edit box                  4. Popup menu
            5. Toggle Button        6. Axes                        7. Button group         8. Slider bar
            9. Check box              10. Static Text            11. List box                12. Table
            13. Panel                    14. Active X Control

5. GUI button linking is main process. GUI button linking is totally depends on few commands and these commands are as follows.

1. get: get command is used for getting values or characters from buttons and editbox

var = get (handles. Tag of the button or editbox,’string or value’)
When we want status of any button then syntax will be

var = get (handles. Tag of the button ,’value’)
When we want values form edit box then syntax will be

var = get (handles. Tag of the editbox,’string’)

2. set: set command is used for setting values or character string to static text and edit box.


set (handles. Tag of the static text or editbox,’string’,var)
3. axes: axes command is used for displaying various graphs to the axes.

axes (handles.tag of the axes)



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