Thursday, 5 December 2013

How to convert .m file to .exe?

1. First write your own program. For example write any application using Graphical user Interface (GUI).
2. Now go to command prompt window and write this command mbuild -setup. After writing press enter. Then you will see the figure given below.

3. Then press y and hit enter key. After pressing y and hitting enter key you will see a list of compiler as given below.

4. Now write 1 and hit enter. After doing this you will get a confirmation options as given below

5. Now press y and hit the enter key. After doing this you will get a done message. It means the compiler is finally selected.

6. Now write mcc -m name_of_ur_m_file -o Name_of_ur_o/p_file

7. Finally go to your directory where you have saved your program and you will see your xxxxxx.exe and xxxxxx.ctf file. Both are required when you will transfer your program to another computer where Matlab is not installed yet.

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