Thursday, 29 May 2014

MATLAB Implementation of Image Fusion using PCA, Stationary and Discrete Wavelet Transform.

Image Fusion is a process of combining the relevant information from a set of images of the same scene into a single image and the resultant fused image will be more informative and complete than any of the input images.
Input images could be multi sensor, multimodal, multi focus or multi temporal. There are some important requirements for the image fusion process:

Monday, 26 May 2014

MATLAB Implementation of Face Recognition using PCA and Eigen Face Approach.

Face is a complex multidimensional structure and needs a good computing techniques for recognition. Our approach treats face recognition as a two-dimensional recognition problem. In this scheme face recognition is done by Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Face images are projected onto a face space that encodes best variation among known face images. The face space is defined by Eigen face which is eigen vectors of the set of faces, which may not correspond to general facial features such as eyes, nose, and lips. The Eigen face approach uses the PCA for recognition of the images.