Tuesday, 23 June 2015

MATLAB code for Combined DCT+DWT Image Watermarking.

The proliferation of digitized media due to the rapid growth of networked multimedia systems, has created an urgent need for copyright enforcement technologies that can protect copyright ownership of multimedia objects. Digital image watermarking is one such technology that has been developed to protect digital images from illegal manipulations. In particular, digital image watermarking algorithms which are based on the discrete wavelet transform have been widely recognized to be more prevalent than others.

MATLAB code of LSB based Video Steganography.

Video Steganography is an art and science of hiding images or text within the video file. The LSB approach is used along with the Masking Filtering and Transformations techniques to hide the secret image or any other files in video.

Data Hiding Algorithm:
Following diagram shows Data embedding algorithm in details.

 Fig: Embedding Algorithm