Tuesday, 23 June 2015

MATLAB code of LSB based Video Steganography.

Video Steganography is an art and science of hiding images or text within the video file. The LSB approach is used along with the Masking Filtering and Transformations techniques to hide the secret image or any other files in video.

Data Hiding Algorithm:
Following diagram shows Data embedding algorithm in details.

 Fig: Embedding Algorithm
This Algorithm is based on LSB. First frame is separate out from video for embedding purpose. Secrete key is used for encryption of secrete message. Same key is used at sender and receiver.

MATLAB Implementation:
Following figures shows you MATLAB implementation of above algorithm, just check it out.

 Fig: Main GUI Window
 Fig: Sender side
 Fig: Receiver side

Video of the code:

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  1. That is a great program!
    I am developing steganography on video too but in different methods
    I am using 'random pixel embedding' method's
    Can i have your code? please send to my email: khaerulanam21@gmail.com
    I will credit your name on my application, Mr. Arjun

    (sorry for my bad english)

    Best regard, Khaerul Anam - Indonesia

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