Thursday, 2 July 2015

MATLAB code for DCT based Image Watermarking

The use of internet growing faster day to day and the need to display multimedia contents on the internet become necessary. Intellectual property right; documents are not fast information but property. YouTube, face  book, Torrents, pirate bay such other video, audio, image, documents resource websites are now became water  and food for youngsters across the globe so it is necessary to protect the rights of authors, so digital protection is  necessary and in-evitable.
There are many popular techniques for this such as Steganography, Digital signature, Fingerprinting, cryptography and Digital watermarking but Digital watermarking is proved best out of them. Digital watermarking is nothing but the technology in which there is embedding of various information in digital content which we have to protect from illegal copying. This embedded information to protect the data is embedded as watermark. Beyond the copyright protection, Digital watermarking is having some other applications as Broadcast monitoring, Indexing, fingerprinting, owner identification, etc. Digital watermarks are of different types as robust, fragile, semi fragile, visible and invisible. Application is depending upon these watermarks classifications. There are some requirements of digital watermarks as integrity, robustness and complexity. 

Sender Block Diagram: 
This technique introduces an algorithm of digital image watermarking based on Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). In this technique the embedding and extraction of the watermark is simple than other transform.

Receiver Block Diagram:
Above Figure shows the block diagram of receiver. It is totally based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform).

MATLAB Implementation:
 Fig: Main GUI window

Fig: Watermark Embedding GUI

 Fig: Watermark Receiver GUI
Video of the Code:

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  3. Could you send me the code please ?