Saturday, 16 February 2019

MATLAB code of Audio Denoising Using Hard and Soft Threshold

Noises present in communication channels are disturbing and the recovery of the original signals from the path without any noise is very difficult task. This is achieved by denoising techniques that remove noises from a digital signal. Many denoising technique have been proposed for the removal of noises from the digital audio signals. But the effectiveness of those techniques is less. In this Post, an audio denoising technique based on wavelet transformation is implemented.

Denoising is performed in the transformation domain and the improvement in denoising is achieved by a process of grouping closer blocks. The technique exposes each and every finest details contributed by the set of blocks and also it protects the vital features of every individual block. The blocks are filtered and replaced in their original positions. The grouped blocks overlap each other and thus for every element a much different estimation is obtained. A technique based on this denoising strategy and its efficient implementation is presented in full detail. The implementation results reveal that the proposed technique achieves a state-of-the-art denoising performance in terms of both signal-to-noise ratio and audible quality.

MATLAB Implementation of code:

Fig: Using Hard Threshold

Fig: Using Soft Threshold

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