Friday, 31 January 2020

MATLAB code of Brain tumor detection using Segmentation and Morphological Operation

Biomedical field is very emerging field. Most of the researchers are working on the same field. Most of the peoples are do not take care of their health in this competitive and busy world. Now days their are various tests in medical field to diagnose various diseases, but these tests are very costly and it is not affordable by many of the common peoples. Most of the scientists and researchers are working to reduce the cost of the various health tests. 

So today in this post i am focusing on MATLAB application for brain tumor detection. This application is based on various image processing concepts like,
  • Segmentation
  • Morphological Operation
  • Noise reduction
  • Image Enhancement.
In following figure we can see how brain tumor detection is implemented using various concepts of digital image processing.

Figure: Block Diagram of Brain tumor detection

In this above figure first block is to take MRI picture using various imaging sensors. 
  • The second step in the process is to Pre-Process that MRI Image. In this stage we remove unwanted noise components and unwanted texts form MRI image.
  • Then we have Image Smoothing process. we use various smoothing filters like averaging filter weighted filter to smooth the image.   
  • Then we apply Image Enhancement process to get image which is better suited to human visual system.
  • Segmentation process will segment the image to get ROI (Region of interest).
  • Finally morphology is applied to get proper tumor region.

MATLAB Implementation: 
In this we have implemented the application for Brain tumor detection. this process comprises implementation of all above algorithms as shown in figure and GUI implementation.

Figure: Blank GUI

Figure: GUI with all Outputs

YouTube Video of the Project:

1. MATLAB code of Brain tumor detection using segmentation:

2. MATLAB code of Brain tumor detection using wtareshed and som:

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