Thursday, 16 January 2020

MATLAB code of LSB based Audio Steganography.

Steganography is a branch of information security. There are various types of steganography but in this post we specifically highlight importance and implementation of Audio Steganography in MATLAB. Audio steganography falls into different categories like 
1. Transform based audio steganography
2. Sample modification based audio steganography

In this post we implementing Sample modification based audio steganography i.e LSB based Audio Steganography.


Cover media:
Given cover audio is .wav file
Let  A  is an original audio

Secrete Message:
Let  g be the secrete message in text. This message is 1st converted into binary 1D array and represented as

Embedding Algorithm:
1. 1st secrete text message is converted into binary string.

2. In Pre-processing block audio file is pre-processed and make it suitable for embedding process. if file contain noise then remove that noise using various filter. if file is originally suitable then take it as it is.
3. Covert audio file from decimal to binary.
4. In embedding process remove LSBs of each audio samples by binary secrete data.
5. After embedding data once again convert binary data from binary to decimal.
6. Finally we will get Stego Audio.

Extraction Algorithm:
Extraction algorithm is exactly reverse to that of embedding.

Input: 1 × n stego-audio.

Output: a secret message
1. Read the cover audio (Ic)
2. convert to binary form
3. get LSBs from each sample
4. convert binary secret text info to text string info 

MATLAB Implementation:

Main GUI

GUI of Embedding Process

GUI of Extraction Process

YouTube Video of the Project:

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