Sunday, 2 February 2020

MATLAB code of Cervical Cancer Detection using Segmentation of Pap Smear images

Cervical cancer is found in women. Cervical cancer is the type of cancer that occurs in the cells of cervix. In the medical field, there are various tests that can be used to diagnose cervical cancer. One of the test that the doctor used to detect cervical cancer is pap test. 

In this post, I am posting MATLAB implementation of Cervical cancer detection using the segmentation of pap smear images. The block diagram of the algorithm is shown below.

Figure: Block diagram of Cervical cancer detection

This MATLAB Implementation includes following process.
          1. Preprocessing
          2. Segmentation
          3. Detection of Overlapping Cells
          4. Feature Extraction
          5. Classification of Cells

Figure: Implementation of the Algorithm

The above figure shows us the actual implementation of the algorithm. It includes image acquisition, Segmentation, Feature Extraction, and classification with image output.

Figure: Blank MATLAB GUI

Figure: MATLAB GUI with all Outputs

YouTube Video of MATLAB Implementation:

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