Monday, 24 February 2020

MATLAB code of Curvelets-based ECG Steganography for Data Security

Today I would like to focus on the term steganography. Basically their are various types of steganography based on Cover media. 
--Hiding in Image
--Hiding in Audio
--Hiding in Video

Today i would like to post a MATLAB Implementation of Hiding Text into ECG Signal.
The Basic Fundamental of the project is Shown below.

Here the discrete wavelet transformation is used to decompose an ECG signal to different frequency subbands. The data hiding technique uses the LSB replacement algorithm for concealing the secret message bits into the high frequency coefficients. In the data extraction module, the secret data will be extracted by using relevant key for choosing the relevant data to extract the data. By using the decryption keys, extracted text data will be decrypted from encryption to get the original information. Finally the performance of this proposal in encryption and data hiding will be analyzed based on image and data recovery.

Privacy Protection system for Confidential data transmission based on, Secret data concealment within ECG signal using Chaos encryption, Wavelet filters and adaptive least significant bit replacement technique. 

MATLAB Implementation:

Fig: ECG Steganography Sender Side

Fig: ECG Steganography Sender Side

YouTube Video:

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