Thursday, 26 March 2020

MATLAB code of Encryption and Decryption of Image using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Hello friends today I would like to post one matlab project in the field of digital image processing. The title of the project is AES Encryption and Decryption of image. The image encryption and decryption is in the field of information security. The Advanced encryption standard (AES) plays the most important role in the field of encryption of digital data. 

The matlab implementation of the same is shown in the following YouTube Video.  

In the following figure we will see the basic block diagram of encryption and decryption.  

Encryption is a process in which an algorithm is used to make the transformed information is unreadable by unauthorized users. Therefore, the cryptographic method is simply based on encoding and transforming information into unreadable ciphertext to protect sensitive data such as credit card numbers. The encoded data may only be decrypted or turned readable by a key. Both of symmetric-key and asymmetric-key encryptions are considered as primary types of encryption. Many evaluation methods used in this regard. 

Decryption is a reverse process in which unreadable transformed data that has been subjected to encryption is turned back to unencrypted form. In a decryption process, the system extracts and converts the garbled data and then transform it into texts and images that are easy to be understood by both reader and system. Generally, the decryption process can be accomplished either manually, automatically or by using a set of keys or passwords. Image encryption techniques give challenging due to used widely in many fields such as pattern recognition, face detection, image restoration and matching, etc. Image encryption techniques are different from data encryption techniques. There are several security problems associated with digital image processing and transmission, so that it is necessary to maintain both the integrity and the confidentiality of the image.

MATLAB Implementation of the Project: 

Image Encryption using AES

Image Decryption using AES

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