Tuesday, 3 March 2020

MATLAB code of High payload Video Steganography with BCH code based on DWT Domain

Hello friends today posting one MATLAB project based on Video steganography. Information security field have much importance in today's era. We have various objectives while embedding data in video.
-- Should be imperceptible.
-- Should have high embedding capacity (High Payload).
-- Should be Highly secure.

For achieving above objectives we have implemented video steganography with high payload and with two time encryption with BCH encoding. 

This technique for the video steganography by BCH codes and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) could be proven as a highly secured method for data communication in near future. It has high embedding payload and high embedding efficiency. 

This technique has various applications in military, industrial applications, copyright, banking purpose etc. Developing this video steganography model one can reduce unauthorized users, also we can hide more data in cover video file and make highly secure communication. In the era of fast information interchange using internet and World Wide Web, Video steganography has become essential tool for information security. 

MATLAB Implementation: 

Sender Side

Receiver Side

YouTube Video:

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