Friday, 13 March 2020

MATLAB Code of Image Negatives | Image Negation

Hello Guys Today i would like to post the MATLAB implementation of Image negatives or image negation. Image Negation is nothing but inversion of pixel values. We simply invert the pixel values as follows.
The MATLAB Implementation of Image Negation is Shown in following YouTube Video, just have a look.
The Image Negation we can Implement with the following Transformation function. The inversion is takes place  with the help of this transformation curve.

The expression that we use for image negation is mentioned below. where s is output, r is input and L-1 is maximum pixel value present in input image r. 

The corresponding MATLAB outputs for input binary, gray-scale and color image is shown below.

Gray-scale Image Output

Color Image Output

Binary Image Output

So above outputs are taken for different input images.

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