Thursday, 12 March 2020

MATLAB Code of Image Thresholding

Hello Everyone i have started lecture series on YouTube. The lectures series is about Fundamentals of Digital image Processing and MATLAB Implementation of various concepts of Digital image Processing. So in this post i have posted the MATLAB Implementation | MATLAB code of Image thresholding. Just have a look of YouTube Video.

So basically Image Thresholding is used in various applications of DIP.  

The main concept behind thresholding is we simply convert the value which is higher than threshold to 1 and value which is lower than threshold to 0.

In above figure the input pixel values which are higher than threshold 'm' are converted to highest output level and the values which are lower than the threshold  'm' are converted to 0.
The following results are taken for different values of thresholds.
Threshold = 128

Threshold = 200

Threshold = 100

Threshold = 0

Threshold = 255

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