Monday, 2 March 2020

MATLAB code of Password Protected Video Steganography with AES Encryption

Hello friends, Today I would like to post one interesting project based on video steganography. Now a days steganography gains much importance in the field of Information security. Normally we use steganography for saving secrete data in digital media. In this post, I have used video as cover media and text as secrete data. The data hiding process is shown below.

But apart from this, we have introduced one more protection to this project. The protection is with a password to MATLAB GUI. The GUI has two modules one is for Embedding Process and the second for the Extraction process, and we have two logins as shown below. 

Admin login will enable two processes both Embedding and Extraction. There are three attempts to enable processes with admin login. if all three-time password is incorrect then that application window automatically will get shut down. We have to enter the correct password. The two processes are enabled by a password of "Project" and it is shown below. 

After enabling two processes admin can go for the embedding process and extraction process as shown below. 

Embedding Process

Extraction Process
all the above processes are for admin login. now for user login, only the extraction process will enable. The password for user login is "hero". The MATLAB GUI is as shown below. 

The user only allow to extract data form video. Users are not allowed to hide data in video. The MATLAB working video of the code is given below.

YouTube Video: 

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