Monday, 30 March 2020

MATLAB code of ROI detection and Hybrid image compression

Hello, friends today I would like to post one project in the field of image processing. The main objective of this project work is to detect the region of interest (ROI) by performing various simplest arithmetic operations that are used like morphological operations, segmentation operation. ROI is compressed with a lossless compression comparison technique. Perform lossy compression for the rest of the image. Wavelet-based methods will be used to compress the non ROI area of image i.e the rest of the image. Wavelet is one of the powerful tools used for image compression. JPEG 2000 uses a discrete wavelet transform (DWT) for compression. So, it is proposed to use DWT to compress non-ROI region. 

The matlab implementation of the project is shown below in the following YouTube video.  

The objectives of the project work are,
1) Detect the Region of Interest (ROI) by performing
        a) Morphological operations
        b) Segmentation
2) Design and implement a Neural Network to find an area of interest.
3) Compare the results of the first and second step.
4) Carry lossless compression for ROI.
5) Perform lossy compression for rest of the image.
6) Analyze the performance of the developed algorithm with existing algorithms in terms of mean square error, Peak signal to noise ratio, compression ratio, etc.
7) The image processing technique includes five phases namely pre-processing, enhancement, segmentation, feature extraction.
      i) The first phase is the pre-processing, in which noise is removed in order to get a good quality of the image/medical image.
      ii) The second phase is enhancement is used to enhance the image/medical image
& identified the expected region.
       iii) The third phase is segmentation, where the identified expected region is
segmented into its region.
      iv) The fourth phase is the feature extraction is used to extract the surface of
expected region.
Block Diagram

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:  

Blank GUI

MATLAB GUI of ROI detection and Hybrid image compression

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