Friday, 27 March 2020

MATLAB code of Segmentation of Spinal cord MRI Image using FCM Clustering

Hello, friends today I would like to post one project based on image segmentation. The title of the code is the Segmentation of Spinal cord MRI Images using FCM Clustering. In matlab we have implemented this project. The spinal cord is a vital organ that serves as the only communication link between the brain and the various parts of the body.
It is vulnerable to traumatic spinal cord injury and various diseases such as tumors, infections, inflammatory diseases, and degenerative diseases. The exact segmentation and localization of the spinal cord are essential to effective clinical management of such conditions. In recent years, due to the advances in imaging technology, the structure of internal organs and tissues can be captured accurately, and various abnormalities are diagnosed based on scanned images.

The matlab implementation of said project is shown in the following YouTube Video.  

In this project, we present fuzzy clustering based segmentation of vertebrae in T1- Weighted spinal MR Images. The objective of this project is to segment spinal MR image using Fuzzy C-Means clustering algorithm. To get better results morphological operations are used.  

Figure: Block Diagram

In this, project, it is observed that FCM gives better segmentation results in MRI of Vertebrae in T1-Weighted Spinal. The time complexity of this method is also presented in this project.

MATLAB implementation: 

Blank GUI

MATLAB code of Spinal cord segmentation

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