Thursday, 5 March 2020

MATLAB code of Video Steganography based on PVD and AES Encryption with SPIHT Compression

Hello Friends today i would like to post one MATLAB project that project comprises following steps.

-- Split cover-video into frames. 
-- User can select frame number to hide message
-- SPIHT Compression techniques is used. 
-- Apply AES encryption on secret message.
-- Embed Secrete message using pixel value difference.
-- Merge stego-frame into original positions.
above steps are used for message embedding purpose. 

Fig: Block Diagram
MATLAB code is implemented for above project and results are tested with various quality parameters like PSNR, MSE etc. 
In this project we have combined SPIHT Compression algorithm, AES Encryption algorithm, Pixel value difference for message embedding algorithm.

MATLAB Implementation:
Fig: Video Steganography Transmitter side

Fig: Video Steganography Receiver side

YouTube Video:

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