Monday, 9 March 2020

MATLAB code of Video Steganography - Hiding Image into Video

Hello, Friends today I would like to post one more MATLAB project based on video steganography. In this project, Cover media is a video and secrete media is a color image.

-- Select Cover Video
-- Take a secrete color image
-- Select embedding points in a cover video
-- Apply LSB based embedding algorithm
-- Result is Stego Video

YouTube Video of the Project:  

Figure: Block Diagram

the above figure shows us the exact algorithm of the project. at last, we will get a stego video. The Peak Signal to noise ratio (PSNR), Mean Square Error (MSE) and total time required for the execution of this project are used as a quality parameters

Figure: MATLAB GUI of Video Steganography Sender Side

Figure: MATLAB GUI of Video Steganography Receiver Side

Above two figure shows us MATLAB implementation of  Video steganography - hiding image into video transmitter and receiver side.

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