Friday, 6 March 2020

MATLAB Project of Video Steganography - Hiding Video into Video

Hello, Friends today I would like to post one more project in the field of video processing and information security. In this code, our aim is to hide Video into Video. The algorithm for the project is as below.

Step 1: Read Cover Video.
Step 2: Read Secrete Video.
Step 3: Select Embedding Points in a frame of Cover video.
Step 4: Use LSB Substitution algorithm for Embedding purpose
Step 5: Embed Bits of Secrete Video into Frames of Cover video.

YouTube Video of the project: 

The MATLAB implementation of the above steps is shown below. Just have a look for that. 

Figure: Video Steganography Embedding side

Figure: Video Steganography Extraction side

Above MATLAB Implementation shows us Grayscale video is embedded into the color video. This MATLAB Project can be used in various applications like,
-- In the military for Sharing secrete Information
-- For Companies secrete data safe circulation
-- For Storing Secrete data of various organizations.

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