Friday, 10 April 2020

MATLAB code of Abandoned and Removed objects from complex videos

Hello, Friends today I would like to pose one more project in the field of video processing. The project is about Abandoned and Removed objects from complex videos. this project includes the following concepts, the mixture of Gaussians background subtraction method is employed. Without using any tracking or motion information, static objects were detected by using the same Gaussian mixture model, and then were classified into abandoned or removed objects by segmenting and comparing the surrounding areas of the background model and the foreground image. 

The matlab implementation of the project is shown in the following YouTube video. Just have a look.  

The following figure shows our system diagram. The system includes three main components: 
(a) background subtraction and static region detection; 
(b) object type detection (abandoned or removed); 
(c) abandoned and removed object alert detection. 
A matching algorithm is employed to detect if the object is abandoned long enough to trigger the alert. We employ a mixture of Gaussians method to analyze the foreground as moving objects, abandoned objects, or removed objects (ghosts) while detecting the background. Different thresholds are used to obtain the foreground mask (for moving objects) and the static region mask (for stationary objects). The intensity and texture information are integrated to remove shadows and to make the algorithm working for quick lighting changes. For the static region mask, a segmentation method is developed to detect the type of the static region (abandoned or removed), significantly outperforming previous edge-based techniques. Only those abandoned/removed objects that meet the user-defined alert requirements will trigger the alerts.  

Block Diagram

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:  

Blank GUI of the Project

MATLAB code of Abandoned & Removed object detection

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