Wednesday, 8 April 2020

MATLAB code of fingerprint recognition

Hello, Friends, today I would like to post one more project in the field of digital image processing. The title of the project is fingerprint recognition. This project is implemented in matlab. Now a days biometric authentication gains much importance in various private and government organizations. Every organization uses biometric authentication for attendance. In biometric authentication, fingerprint recognition is used in most of the organizations. 

The matlab implementation of fingerprint recognition is shown in the following YouTube video. just have a look.  

The basic fundamental behind fingerprint recognition is shown below in the following block diagram.  

Fingerprint recognition block diagram

Stage 1: Finger scanning is done in the first stage with various scanning sensors. 
Stage 2: Then in second stage features are extracted from that scanned image using various image processing concepts. 
Stage 3: In the third stage that extracted features are matched with the features already saved in the data base. If it matched then that person is a valid person otherwise that person entry is invalid. 

MATLAB Implementation of the project: 

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