Tuesday, 21 April 2020

MATLAB code of Image Forgery Detection

Hello, Guys today posting a new project in the field of information security. The project is about image forgery detection. Forgery is an illegal means of manipulating images or documents without prior access. Images are tampered for different reasons either to create false evidence or to earn money in an illegal way. A pictorial representation of the image conveys a much better idea than the words of humans. Due to the progression in digital technology, images are processed using several tools like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and Corel Paint Shop and they ended up with a threat to the authenticity of digital images. Generally, image manipulations are of two types 
a) Allowed manipulation 
b) Malignant manipulation. 

The matlab implementation of image forgery detection is shown in the following YouTube Video. just have a look.  

The Block Diagram of image forgery detection is shown in the following figure. The method is well explained in the block diagram. Just have a look  

Block Diagram

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:  

Blank GUI Image Forgery Detection

MATLAB GUI of Image Forgery Detection

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