Monday, 20 April 2020

MATLAB code of Iris recognition using phase based Image Matching

Hello, Guys posting a new project based on biometric detection. The title is Iris recognition using phase-based Image Matching. A Biometric system provides automatic recognition of an individual based on some sort of unique feature or characteristic possessed by the individual. Biometric systems have been developed based on fingerprints, facial features, voice, hand geometry, handwriting, the retina, and the one presented in this post, the iris. Biometric systems work by first capturing a sample of the feature, such as recording a digital sound signal for voice recognition or taking a digital color image for face recognition. 

The MATLAB implementation of the Iris recognition is shown in the following YouTube Video. just have a look.  

This project works on the phase based image matching methods. Iris recognition using the phase components in 2D Discrete Fourier Transforms of given images offers good results. The system operates in two steps, preprocessing stage and matching stage. Preprocessing includes mainly the extraction of feature. In the Matching stage, the Effective Region is extracted and finally the matching score is calculated by using the Band Limited Phase Only Correlation function. An efficient local appearance feature extraction method based the multi-resolution Curvelet transform is also used in order to further enhance the performance. Iris Recognition on Local Curvelet Block Based Classification along with the phase components encourages both accuracy and speed.  

MATLAB Implementation of The Project:  

Blank GUI of Iris Recognition

Iris Recognition MATLAB GUI

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