Sunday, 12 April 2020

MATLAB code of Steganography scheme based on Contourlet Transform

Hello, friends today I would like to post one project in the field of information security. the title of the project is a Steganography scheme based on Contourlet Transform. In this method, embedding is done in a contourlet transform domain. The contourlet coefficients with the larger magnitude that correspond to the edges are selected for embedding. This selection is due to less sensitivity of human eyes to non-smooth regions. Each bit of secret data is embedded by exchanging the value of two coefficients in a 4 times 4 block of a contourlet subband. The proposed method is examined with two strong steganalysis algorithms and the results show that we could successfully embed data in a cover image.  

The matlab implementation of the project is shown in the following Youtube Video. Just have a look.  

The block diagram of the steganography based on contourlet transform is shown in the following figure. Just go through that.    

Block Diagram

MATLAB implementation of the Project:  

Main GUI

MATLAB GUI of Steganography Sender using Contourlet Transform

MATLAB GUI of Steganography Receiver using Contourlet Transform

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