Wednesday, 15 July 2020

MATLAB code of fake biometric detection application to face recognition

Hello, friends today posting one project in the field of image processing. Biometric is a technological system that utilizations the data about individuals to distinguish that individual. This technology store particular information for one of kind organic properties so as to work viably. We can utilize biometric framework at government, organizations, and associations for security reason. An airplane terminal checking gadget, a "bio-secret key" framework is a case of a biometric system utilizations the recognizing information for a security result. Be that as it may, we require security for this data and in addition verification of that individual. This novel software-based technology help to look at the data of an individual is genuine or counterfeit because of that we get the last aftereffect of validation. Consequently, the goal of the framework is to enhance the wellbeing of the biometric acknowledgment system which makes quick, easy to understand, and minimal effort using image quality assessment. The MATLAB project video is as below. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the Project:  

Using image quality the assessment we assume that the quality of the image used for spoofing attacks has different qualities as compared to the real image. The difference includes color, the sharpness of that image. Here the main thing is to find the set of features which is used to classify the image as real or fake. The following figures show us the block diagram of the technique. In this project total of 25 image quality parameters are used to find the difference between real and fake biometric.

Fig: Block diagram

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:

Fig: MATLAB GUI of True Biometric

Fig: MATLAB GUI of Fake Biometric

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