Sunday, 19 July 2020

MATLAB code of fake biometric detection application to thumb recognition

Hello, friends today I would like to post a MATLAB project in the field of biometric detection. In the last two posts, we have seen the fake biometric detection application to iris an face. this post is about thumb recognition. The current development of the Biometric framework expanded so there is a requirement for insurance of that framework. Picture quality evaluation is the method utilized for recognizing genuine and counterfeit picture. It likewise gives multi-biometric and multi assault assurance highlight to the framework because of this the security level is expanded. The YouTube video of this project is as below. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the Project:  

This framework is utilized for office or different applications like login reason. Since the utilization of biometric property of human body it can't be stolen or speculated by someone else, consequently, it having long execution for the utilization in the organization.

Fig: Image quality parameters.

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:

Fig: True Biometric MATLAB GUI

Fig: Fake Biometric MATLAB GUI

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