Friday, 24 July 2020

MATLAB code of high capacity steganography for JPEG2000 baseline system

For JPEG2000 compression standard limited redundancy and bitstream, truncation makes it difficult to hide information. To overcome these two problems redundancy evaluation method is used. The redundancy evaluation method determines embedding depth adaptively for increasing hiding capacity. A candidate embedding point will be removed if evaluated quantization redundancy is less than two. For security purpose secret message is encrypted by using an encryption key. At the decoder side, the exact inverse procedure is used for the extraction of the secret message. The matlab implementation of the code is shown in the following youtube video.

YouTube Video of the Project:  

This message embedding uses a redundancy evaluation method to increase embedding capacity. The quantized secret message embedded wavelet coefficients compressed by using JPEG2000 compression baseline system.

Fig: Block diagram of the Message embedding

Codestream is the input for secret message extraction algorithm. Output of the codestream decoder is a subbands. After codestream decoder redundancy is to be evaluated as described in secret message embedding algorithm. By using quantization redundancy matrix   embedded secret bits are extracted from subbands. Extracted secret bits are encrypted bits. Decryption is done by using the encryption key.

Fig: Block diagram of the Message Extraction

Results of the Project:

Results for Lena image with different compression rate and common threshold=32

Results for lena image with different threshold and common compression rate=0.5

Compression rate Vs Embedding Capacity for Lena Image with constant
Threshold = 32

Threshold Vs Embedding Capacity for Satellite Image with constant
Compression rate = 0.6

MATLAB Implementation of the JPEG2000 Steganography:

Fig: Main MATLAB GUI of the JPEG2000 Steganography

Fig: MATLAB GUI of the JPEG2000 Steganography Embedding

Fig: MATLAB GUI of the JPEG2000 Steganography Extraction

Fig: MATLAB GUI of the JPEG2000 Steganography Results

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