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MATLAB code of Image Demosaicing

Image demosaicing is a problem of interpolating full-resolution color images from so-called color-filter-array (CFA) samples. Among various CFA patterns, Bayer pattern has been the most popular choice, and the demosaicing of Bayer pattern has attracted renewed interest in recent years partially due to the increased availability of source codes/executables in response to the principle of “reproducible research”. Image demosaicing is used to reconstruct a full-color image from the incomplete color samples output from an image sensor overlaid with a color filter array (CFA). It is also known as CFA interpolation or color reconstruction. The MATLAB implementation of image demosaicing is shown in the following YouTube video. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the Project:

Among many CFA patterns, the most commonly used is the Bayer pattern. The Bayer pattern measures the green image on a quincunx grid (half of the image resolution) and the red and blue images on rectangular grids (a quarter of the image resolution). The green channel is measured at a higher sampling rate than the other two because the peak sensitivity of the human visual system (HVS) lies in the medium wavelengths, corresponding to the green portion of the spectrum. Although we limit our discussion to the demosaicing problem with reference to the Bayer pattern here, the demosaicing algorithms developed for Bayer pattern can in general be extended to other patterns. Systematic analysis and comparison of different CFA patterns are referred to as recent works.

MATLAB Implementation of the project:

Fig: MATLAB GUI of Image Demosaicing

Fig: MATLAB GUI of Image Demosaicing

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