Thursday, 9 July 2020

MATLAB code of Improved LSB Image steganography using status bit along with AES Encryption

This post is about MATLAB implementation of Improved LSB Image steganography using status bit along with AES Encryption. Most of the authors and researchers have published their findings in improvement in LSB based steganography. But this post includes improvement of LSB based steganography along with secrete data security using AES encryption. The following Youtube video shows the implementation of improved steganography along with Encryption.

YouTube Video of the Project:

This steganography comprises of the following steps. just go through the steps.
-- Take the cover image
-- Take a secrete binary image.
-- Enter secrete text for embedding.
-- Encrypt secrete text using AES and convert it to binary.
-- Encrypt the secrete binary image using AES.
-- Find the possible embedding pixels.
-- Embed secrete image bits and secrete text bits in the LSBs of the chosen pixels.
-- At this stage we get a stego image.
-- The Exactly same process is applied at the receiver.

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:

Fig: Main Steganography MATLAB GUI

Fig: Steganography Embedding MATLAB GUI

Fig: Steganography Extraction MATLAB GUI

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