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Image Steganography by LSB substitution using genetic optimal key permutation MATLAB code

The popularity of the Internet offers great convenience to the transmission of a large amount of data over networks. Some of them may be secret information which is a candidate to unauthorized access. In order to keep the unauthorized user away, a variety of techniques have been proposed, data encryption and data hiding are two main methods in data security. Data encryption uses a certain algorithm to transform data into ciphertext only the user that has keys can decrypt the secret data from the ciphertexts. For any unauthorized user who does not have a key, the ciphertext will look like nothing but streams of meaningless code. Although data encryption is a good way to secure data, it still has some weaknesses. The appearance of ciphertexts would give unauthorized users an impulse to recover them. Moreover, the unauthorized users might even simply destroy the ciphertext out of range when they have trouble recovering them so that the legal receivers cannot get the data in time. That is the reason why data hiding has been researched recently. 
This project is based on LSB substitution and genetic optimal key permutation. The video of the project is shown in the following YouTube video. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the Project: 

The least significant bit (LSB) embedding method is one of the most commonly used techniques; it targets the LSB's of the host image to hide the data. This paper deals with three main steganography challenges (i.e. capacity, imperceptibility, and security). This is achieved by hybrid data hiding scheme incorporates the LSB technique with a key-permutation method. The paper also proposes an optimal key permutation method using genetic algorithms for the best key selection. Both normal and optimized methods are tested with standard images, varying both data size as well as keyspace. Final experimental results show a decrement in computation time when increasing the number of keys, at the same time system security improves.

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:

Fig: Main GUI of the Steganography Project

Fig: MATLAB GUI of the Message Embedding Process

Fig: MATLAB GUI of the Message Extraction Process

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