Friday, 18 September 2020

MATLAB code of Alpha channel Steganography (hiding text and image in alpha channel)

Hello, friends today I would like to post One new project in the field of digital image processing. This project dealing with the steganography. The title of the project is Alpha channel Steganography. In this project, the alpha channel is used for hiding text and image. Basically, the alpha channel is the fourth layer of the image. It is used for getting transparency in an image. The video of the project is shown in the following Youtube channel. just have a look.

YouTube video of the Project:

The algorithm comprises the following steps:
-- Take input cover image. The input cover image should be in a .png format. 
-- Take the secrete image and secrete text
-- Extract alpha channel from the cover image
-- Embed text and image into the alpha channel using the LSB method.
-- Finally, we will get stego image.

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:

Fig: Steganography Sender

Fig: Steganography Receiver

Fig: Quality parameters

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