Saturday, 12 September 2020

MATLAB code of Satellite Image Segmentation and Classification

Hello, guys today I would like to post one project in the field of image segmentation and classification. The title of the project is Satellite image segmentation and classification. Normally satellite image segmentation is a difficult task. Most of the time it fails because of the large size of the satellite images. In this post, we are posting MATLAB implementation of satellite image segmentation. The MATLAB implementation of the project is shown in the following YouTube video. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the Project:

In MATLAB segmentation and classification are implemented. For user-friendly operation, a graphical user interface is created. The following steps are involved in the implementation of the project.
-- Read input satellite image
-- Apply segmentation on Image
-- Find ROI
-- Classify different segmented parts of the satellite image.

MATLAB Implementation of the Project:

Fig: Blank MATLAB GUI of satellite Image Segmentation

Fig: MATLAB GUI of satellite Image Segmentation

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