Monday, 12 October 2020

JPEG2000 image compression matlab source code

Hello, friends Today posting one more project video. This project is in the field of image compression. The title of the project is MATLAB implementation of JPEG2000 Image compression standard. Image compression plays much importance in the field of data compression. There are different standards apart from these JPEG and JPEG2000 are the most popular. The MATAB Implementation of the JPEG2000 image compression standard is shown in the following YouTube Channel. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the JPEG2000 Image compression using MATLAB:

The Jpeg2000 image compression standard includes the following steps:

-- Take input uncompressed image
-- Apply Wavelet transform CDF 5/3 or CDF 9/7 on the input image
-- Apply quantization on the wavelet coefficients.
-- Apply the Entropy encoding technique. EBCOT (embedded block coding with optimized truncation) encoding technique is applied to wavelet coefficients.
-- Finally, we will get compressed codestream.
-- The exactly reverse process is applied for decoding.

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