Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Video steganography using improved LSB substitution MATLAB project source code

Hello, Guys today posting a new project in the field of video processing. The title of the project is video steganography based on improved LSB (Least significant bit) substitution. Steganography plays the most important role in information security. Implementation of Video steganography has the biggest hurdles. We will see these hurdles afterward. The matlab implementation of the video steganography using improved LSB is shown in the following YouTube video. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of the video steganography using improved LSB:

The MATLAB implementation of the project has the following steps:
-- Take input cover video.
-- Extract frames from the cover video.
-- Take secrete text for embedding.
-- Convert text to ASCII values.
-- Conver ASCII values to binary form.
-- Find embedding depth of each pixel using the HVS masking process.
-- Embed secrete bits in the LSBs of the pixel.
-- Finally, we get a Stego image.
-- Extraction process is exactly reverse to that of the embedding process.

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