Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Image Encryption using Fractional Fourier Transform (FRFT) and Chaotic System MATLAB code || MATLAB Project

Hello friends, posting new project in the field of information security. The project is based on cryptography. The title of the project is Image encryption using fractional fourier transform and chaotic system. The matlab implementation of the project is shown in following YouTube video just have a look.

YouTube Video of the Project: 

Since the usage of digital image is extensive in almost all the area of life and especially in engineering and research. Therefore various techniques for the security of image have been developed which is commonly known as image encryption techniques. This post presents a new method for image encryption with Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform and chaos. 

Fig: Encryption Process
Above block diagram shows encryption process using fractional fourier transform and chaotic system. FRFT applied twice and then logistic map is applied.

Fig: Decryption Process
Above block diagram shows decryption process. First inverse logistic map is applied and the FRFT is applied to recover the image.

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