Monday, 21 June 2021

Video Steganography using Motion vector Estimation MATLAB code

Hello friends today I, would like to post one MATLAB project. This project is in the filed of Information Security. Now days information security and steganography fields gain much importance. Today posting one project in the field of video steganography. the title is "Video Steganography using Motion vector". 

The process steganography having two main properties

1. Imperceptibility

2. High hiding capacity

The steganography should exhibit above above two properties. The MATLAB Implementation of Video steganography using motion vector is shown in following YouTube video. Just have a look.

YouTube Video of video Steganography using Motion vector Estimation:

This project has following steps:
Embedding Process:
-- Take input cover video of any size and any format
-- Take secrete image
-- Encrypt Secrete image 
-- Do motion vector estimation of input cover video
-- Hide encrypted secrete image into the estimated vectors.
-- Get stego video
-- Find different quality parameters like PSNR, MSE, No of bits embedded, Embedding Capacity and Time Elapsed.

Extraction Process:
-- Take Stego video.
-- Find Vector Estimation of stego video.
-- Extract Embedded data. 
-- Decrypt Secrete image

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