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Video Encryption and Decryption MATLAB code | MATLAB Project

Hello Guys, this post is about MATLAB implementation of video encryption and decryption technique. Due to the rapid development of various multimedia technology, more multimedia information available developed and transferred to clinical, industrial, and marine operations Fields, however, may also have a few relevant records which should not be obtained through or by hand slightly open to normal users. as a result, protection and privacy have grown into a priority. The main purpose of encryption is to keep the data secure unauthorized attackers. as a result the statistics are encrypted through the encryption process. 

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Facts cryptography in particular clutter of factual content, including text content, photo, audio, video and more to create facts unreadable, invisible or obscure in the course of transfer or retention known as Encryption. The opposite mathematical encryption is real Encryption, recovery unique details. The opposite of statistical encryption is Digital encryption With digital video transfer, encryption technology is desired which can protect digital video on all transfer attacks. due to- great length of digital movies, which may be typical is transmitted by such compressed codecs as MPEG.

Since cryptography first came into use in Historical Egypt has gone through different stages as well affected by any significant event affecting the way people handle data. within World War II for example cryptography played an important role and became a key factor in empowering the combined forces of the upper hand, too enabling them to win the war quickly, after they were present It can melt the Enigma cipher system The Germans used to secretly record their secret maritime communications. In the days leading up to cryptography is no longer banned loosen the critical military facts but identified as one of the important additions to the availability of any security a company and industry that is considered to be known for providing statistical protection, compliance, and acceptance control in services, and in commercial economics electronics. The actual records to be transferred or kept are referred to as clear, readable and understandable Both for someone or for a laptop. while hidden Statistics known as ciphertext, unreadable, or human or gadget cannot process it properly until encryption is removed. A machine or product that provides encryption and decryption is approx called the cryptosystem. Cryptosystem uses encryption algorithms determine how easy or complex it is encryption method can be an important software system problem, and key (usually an extended string of bits), i.e. comes with an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt.

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