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 Note: All the following codes and project are available with Graphical user interfaces (GUI). 
1. A High Capacity Steganography Scheme for JPEG2000 baseline System.(IEEE 2009) 
2. A Reversible data hiding method for Encrypted Images. (IEEE 2012) 
3. A performance analysis and implementation of LSB Based steganography.(IEEE 2007) 
4. DCT based transform domain steganography method. 
5. A Variable bit embedding high capacity steganography forbinary image and text message. 
6. A LSB based steganography for Video stream.

Image Enhancement: 
7. An Automatic wavelet based nonlinear image enhancement technique for aerial imaginary. (IEEE 2010). 
8. A Novel Approach to Medical and gray-scale image enhancement. 
9. Efficient contrast enhancement using adaptive gamma correction with weighting distribution. (IEEE 2013) 
10. Image Enhancement using Histogram equalization and brightness preserving bi-histogram equalization. 

11. DCT based IRIS Feature extraction and recognition for security system.(IEEE 2007) 
12. Face recognition using PCA and Eigen face approach. 
13. License plate recognition using DCT. 
14. Voice Recognition using various filters.  

Image Compression: 
15. JPEG2000 image Compression standard in MATLAB using DWT. 
16. JPEG image compression standard using DCT. 
17. SPIHT (Set portioning in hierarchical trees) 
18. Advanced SPIHT (Set portioning in hierarchical trees) using Huffman coding. 
19. EZW (Embedded Zero tree coding). 
20. DCTbased image compression for color images.
21. DCT based image compression for gray-scale images. 
22. DWT based image compression for both color and gray-scale images.  

23. DWT based audio De-noising. 
24. DWT based audio filtering.  

Image Fusion: 
25. Image fusion using Maxima, Minima, Average and Weighted Average. 
26. Image fusion using Principle component analysis (PCA). 
27. Image fusion using DWT (Discrete Wavelet transform) & SWT (Stationary Wavelet Transform). 
28. Performance analysis and implementation of Advanced PCA+DWT technique. 
29. Image fusion for Medical Images. 

Other codes: 
30. Image Forgery detection. 
31. Content based image retrieval (CBIR). 
32. Automatic detection of diabetic retinopathy. 
33. Automated defect recognition & evaluation of steel coating conditions using Eigen values.  

34. Combined DCT+DWT Image Watermarking. 

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